Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO 's werelds nummer 1 remote ontworpen voor Windows 10

Pepper Jobs - W10 GYRO Remote
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  • Artikelnummer:Pepper Jobs - W10 GYRO Remote
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De Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO: Wereld's eerste afstandsbediening speciaal voor Windows 10

Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO remote is 's werelds eerste en enige 6-assige gyro-air-mouse die speciaal is ontworpen voor het Windows 10 besturingssysteem.

Alle sneltoetsen en functietoetsen zijn volledig geoptimaliseerd voor Windows 10. De Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO maakt gebruik van de 2,4 GHz draadloze technologie via een USB-ontvanger. De Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO kan zonder dat een handmatige driver hoeft te worden geïnstalleerd gelijk worden gebruikt. Sluit gewoon de meegeleverde USB-ontvanger (in compartiment van batterijen) aan op uw pc met Windows 10 en u bent helemaal klaar om te genieten van de verbluffende bedieningservaring vanaf uw bank.

Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO remote

De Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO is uitgerust met LED achtergrondverlichting, wat betekent dat u zich geen zorgen hoeft te maken over het niet zien van de toetsen tijdens het gebruik in het donker. De bedieningsafstand van de Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO is maximaal 10 meter van uw computer.

Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO: Werelds eerste afstandsbediening speciaal voor Windows 10

  • 's Werelds eerste en unieke 6-assige gyro muis ontwikkeld voor Windows 10
  • Laag energieverbruik door middel van 2 AAA batterijen (niet meegeleverd)
  • Alle snelknoppen en hotkeys zijn geoptimaliseerd voor Windows 10
  • Tweezijdige LED-verlichting, ideaal voor gebruik in het donker
  • Plug and play, reikwijdte tot 10 meter
  • Volledig QWERTY toetsenbord, van alle gemakken voorzien
  • Mogelijkheid om tot wel 34 knoppen van uw huidige infrarood TV afstandsbediening over te nemen.

Technische Specificaties


2 x AAA batterijen (niet meegeleverd)


tot 10 meter


Microsoft Windows 10


Win 10 modus (2.4G draadloos toetsenbord en muis) / TV modus (Infrarood leermodus)



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Arjan Olsder
Arjan Olsder Geplaatst op November 21, 2018 09:46

Arjan Olsder van

Lees hier zijn review

John Geplaatst op November 4, 2018 10:47

Excellent, well-thought out remote.

My intended use for this remote is to control my mini Win10 PC/media center. It's as close to perfect as you could expect. The pointer is accurate, the buttons are useful, and the connection is strong. It programs TV and Soundbar functions easily. Some of the problems that I thought it would have - it doesn't. For example, I was concerned about how having the keyboard on the back of the remote would intermingle with the pointer and other functions on the front of the remote. As in, if I'm using the mouse to select a text box and then when it's time to start typing, am I going to have to turn of the mouse pointer, flip the remote over, type my text, then flip it back over and reactivate the pointer.... thus turning it into an annoying process? The answer is, no. You select the text box, flip the remote and type, then flip it back and the mouse reengages. It's quite seamless! There's also so many shortcut keys that you don't rely on the pointer as much as you'd think you would. It's great! Much, much better than those cheap-o joystick type mouse track-pad remotes.

JJohnson740 Geplaatst op November 4, 2018 10:46

I like yhe product it works as discribed im only giving 4 stars because it is designed to work exclusively with windows 10 and does a great job and all the shortcuts are amazing. However dont have all the features for android tv boxes like most other air mouses basically any shortcut keys are useless on android but the mouse and keyboard work as any other like it on the market.

4 STARS because Not so great for Android as far as shortycuts

Daniel Belken
Daniel Belken Geplaatst op November 4, 2018 10:44

Highly Useful Addition to Any Windows 10 PC

I purchased this as a gift for a relative, and it has easily replaced the mouse and keyboard that they used for most cases. It is easy to use in a HTPC setting, and the mouse gyro really helps to eliminate the need for a mouse surface. Also the buttons have a great tactile feel to them.

Julie Ellington
Julie Ellington Geplaatst op November 4, 2018 10:43

Finally a Media PC Remote that does it all........One Remote!!!!!

I like that this remote replaced my wireless keyboard, mouse, TV remote, and media center remote. I love it.

SVelasco Geplaatst op November 4, 2018 10:42

Very good Win 10 remote keyboard-mouse. Only needs a rechargeable battery and it would be perfect.

Whispro Geplaatst op September 30, 2018 11:25

Works out of the box and is very good for what it is.

This remote is a game changer for those of us who have tried endless remotes to get good functionality. All keys are responsive and soft. The backlight is a plus. I wished there was a fullscreen shortcut but this is not a deal break since the gyro mouse is pretty good. The battery life is good too although it uses standard AAA batteries. I would recommend this remote to someone who uses a pc as a media center or switches between different apps that require a mouse and keyboard. Thank you Pepper Jobs for creating such a wonderful product!!!

Mikey Kindero
Mikey Kindero Geplaatst op September 30, 2018 11:24

It really works as advertised. I live this remote so far. Will check in later to update as time passes.

Works with Windows 10.

Easily programmed to tv functions

Turned my pc into the home theater

Excellent range

Rtech Geplaatst op August 27, 2018 13:57

Excellent gyro remote. The gyro lets you move the mouse pointer on windows just by moving the remote around. One of the best features is that whatever side is up becomes active. That means when you are using the keyboard it becomes lighted and the buttons on the bottom are turned off. Flip it over and the other keys light up and the keyboard is paused so you don't accidentally press a button on the bottom. The signal is very steady and I tested it from over 20 feet away and it worked well. Its smaller than I thought. I'd say about the same size as a standard TV remote which is the perfect size. Over all one of the best gyro remotes I've ever used.

Mikey Kindero
Mikey Kindero Geplaatst op August 27, 2018 13:56

It really works as advertised. I live this remote so far. Will check in later to update as time passes.

Works with Windows 10.

Easily programmed to tv functions

Turned my pc into the home theater

Excellent range.

Ruvort Geplaatst op August 27, 2018 13:55

I wanted to like this item, but the air mouse jumps around when you attempt to click something. It makes it very frustrating to use.

Edit (8/20/18):

I am receiving a replacement unit soon that has been personally tested by Pepper Jobs. I reviewed a video of their tests, so I am hoping this new unit will work as intended. I am changing the stars of my review from 1 to 4, due to this great customer service and will update further once I receive the new unit.

Jesse Higgs
Jesse Higgs Geplaatst op August 27, 2018 13:54

Best remote for controlling a computer and multiple IR based devices (TV, stereo). I had looked around at air mouse type remotes for quite a while before finding this. The other remotes I found only had 1-5 programmable IR buttons, which was not enough to control my smart tv and soundbar. All the buttons on the front of this remote are individually programmable, so you can control any number of devices, which is awesome. The fact that it has all these win10 shortcut buttons is just a bonus for me, as I use it with a win10 computer plugged into my TV. Couldn’t be happier, I am glad I got this instead of getting a Harmony system which undoubtedly would’ve been more more of a pain to set up and use.

Advantages over other air mouse remotes:

- Fully programmable front face of remote.

- Button to switch between IR and RF (computer and smart tv) modes.

- Both sides are backlit not just the front. The light comes on intelligently as you flip it over.

- Internal storage space inside the remote to store the RF dongle when not in use.

Olivia Geplaatst op August 27, 2018 13:53

I own quite a few HTPC remotes and this is the one I use most often because of the following reasons: 1. it's a combination of air mouse and mini keyboard. One side of the remote has all the multimedia & hotkey controls when I'm using it as air mouse while the other side is a Full QWERTY keyboard. 2. The keyboard includes symbols shortcuts, which makes it easy to type complicate password. 3. The remote has back-lit support, making it easy to use in the dark (when I'm watching movie). I have been using it on my Windows 10 HTPC as well as my Windows 7/XP laptops and it functions without a problem on all of them. No extra driver is required and it's true Plug and Play.

The design of this remote is pretty unique, especially the choice of hotkeys. This remote comes with "close application" hotkey (Alt+F4) which is very convenient. Search, Task switcher, Windows 10 notification panel support are also there. Moreover, this remote does "WAKE UP" my windows 10 from S3/S4 sleep status.

Yasmine Geplaatst op August 27, 2018 13:51

I got this air mouse to use for my desktop streaming needs. The design is nice and the buttons are backlit. I use my laptop on a TV and the convenience of being able to sit and still be able to control your computer wirelessly is what this device offers.

It works great and locks the gyro sensors whenever you flip the device to type. It has tons of shortcuts, and a very clear and concise instructions manual. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the remote.

The only criticism is that it doesn't come with AAA batteries and that it's not rechargeable via Micro USB or USB C. Using seperate batteries today is not really convenient

But all in all, I recommend this for those who stream off their PC or for Android tv box users.

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