Pepper Jobs XtendTouch XT1310F IPS 13,6" portable monitor

PepperJobs XtendTouch XT1310F USB-C Monitor
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Product description

  • Brand:Pepper Jobs
  • EAN:4897089840339
  • Article number:PepperJobs XtendTouch XT1310F USB-C Monitor

The PEPPER JOBS XtendTouch XT1310F is a DC-powered portable touchscreen monitor. It can be powered directly by a laptop or smartphone that comes with a Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C port.

(Note: The USB-C port has to be a fully-featured port that support both DP-Alt video output and capable to output at least 5V/1.5A for providing power to the monitor.)


PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch XT1310F portable USB-C monitor

PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch XT1310F portable USB-C monitor

PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch XT1310F portable USB-C monitor

Equipped with a 13.3-inch full HD IPS panel and 10-point capacitive touch screen, XtendTouch XT1310F transforms your USB-C smartphone image to a large screen desktop interface via a single USB-C cable or extends your laptop’s screen to a larger touchscreen. (Please verify the list of supported models with us if you’re uncertain about the USB-C capabilities of your device)


PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch XT1310F portable USB-C monitor

PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch XT1310F portable USB-C monitor

The two USB-C input ports support both signal input and passthrough charging, all you need to do is connect one single charger to the XT1310F to simultaneously charge your connected device (charger NOT included). High quality media is complimented by dual speakers providing a superior stereo surround sound experience. While in use with USB-C input, the OTG port also serves as a simple USB hub allowing you to connect to a wireless receiver or thumb drive. You may also connect to your favorite game console (such as Nintendo Switch) via one single USB-C cable together with its original power adapter and enjoy gaming on a larger screen.


PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch XT1310F portable USB-C monitor


Both USB-C & mini HDMI inputs provide universal compatibility for most electronic devices. XtendTouch is the versatile, high quality portable monitor solution that you've been looking for!



An external power adapter of a minimum rating of 5V/2A is required when:

1.) Using Samsung DeX mode or Nintendo Switch console

2.) When the USB-C port of your smartphone or laptop cannot output more than 5V/1.5A

3.) When you use an HDMI input (HDMI does not carry any power)

4.) When you want to get the maximum brightness and volume


PEPPER JOBS Xtendtouch XT1310F portable USB-C monitor

Key features of XtendTouch XT1310F

  • 13.3-inch IPS panel, Matte, Anti-glare Finish
  • Dual video inputs (USB-C & mini-HDMI)
  • Dual USB_C blind insertion display & charging ports, PD passtrough
  • Dual-loudspeakers, surround stereo sound
  • 10-point capacitive touch
  • One button & touchable OSD design
  • OTG port ready, supports wireless KB/MS, thumb drive, USB audio
  • Multi-OS supported (Windows 10, MacOS, Android, Linux, Chrome Os)
  • Supports Nintendo Switch ( connected with original / over 45w adapter)
  • Compatible with both Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (QC 3.0) & Power Delivery (PD) fastcharging protocols
  • HDCP key ready

XT1610F Compatible Device List

Download here the full presentation pdf.



Technical Specifications


13.3-inch IPS, 1920 x 1080P @ 60Hz max., 72% NTSC


300 cd/m2, LED backlit (To achieve maximum brightness, please connect the monitor to a DC power source)

Contrast Ratio


Digital Input

2x USB-C (DP-ALT mode), mini HDMI

Power Input

5-20V DC input with PD (Power Delivery) or QC (Qualcomm Quick Charge) protocol


10-Point capacitive touch


2x 8Ω 2W (To achieve maximum volume output, please connect the monitor to a DC power source)


Compatible OS

Windows 10, macOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, Raspbian


307.1 x 197.0 x 9.9 mm


740g without cover / 965g with cover


CE, FCC, PSE , RoHS, etc.



Ronnie Ayres
Ronnie Ayres Posted on May 9, 2020 12:19

Bought this as a second portable monitor along side my ASUS MB16AMT which is too big to be used for travel, and now I wish I had bought this prior to the ASUS, because it beats the ASUS for use in most ways.

Pros of the PJ over the ASUS: 'HDR' capable (requires windows setup to stream and game HDR), smaller, lighter, works with everything I have tried it with, can connect to Nintendo switch using usb-c (no dock HDMI required) as long as power is provided to the monitor (and was able to do this with a battery with quick charge port. Good color adjustments although does not match my macbook pro or razer blade 15 advanced in any way. Better brightness than the asus. Asus locked itself up for 3 days, could not be used till battery died, this unlikely to happen to PJ becuase no battery built in,. More ports, Asus only has one USB-c and one Micro HDMI.

Cons of the PJ monitor against the ASUS: highly reflective screen makes it difficult to use around lights/sun, no built in battery (although this is also a plus because it has more usb-c ports you can plug in USB C video source and plug in a power source at the same time), cables that come with the PJ are cheaper feeling, no USB power supply, cover is cheap and held on with two thick sharp screws sticking out that will scratch or damage anything lying against then if in a bag or lying on a table.

On the Battery in portable monitors, its a great idea, but just adds weight, dont last very long, and you can just buy your own better battery and use it for more things. I really like this monitor and would chose it over the ASUS any day. Pity I spent nearly E500 on the ASUS before I saw this.

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