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Pepper Jobs reviews
1 Pepper Jobs W10 Gyro remote
1.1 Can this remote wake a windows PC?

Yes, waking up your Windows PC from sleep state is supported by this remote.

1.2 Does this work with android stream boxes? which keys can be programmed for ir. is there link for the manual download?

Update 20/06/2018: W10 GYRO is specifically designed for Windows 10 OS, thus it works with Android OS but not all the functional keys. For example, Home button, Tasks button, Win button, Window Close button, etc are not going to work with Android system. All keys on the front side, besides the 3 buttons of the top row are programmable. Thanks!

1.3 Which buttons do left and right mouse clicks?

“OK” button at the center of the D-Pad does the left click, the “Menu R” right next to it does the right click.

1.4 Does the power button work for your pc on and off?

It works for sleep and wake, or off, but not on.

1.5 what is the default action for the power button? Turn on/off computer? Or turn on/off the TV?

Default is win10 mode, therefore the power button would shut down or put your PC to sleep/wake it, depending on your OS power button setting. TV mode you may learn the power on/off command of your TV, then it shuts both your TV and PC.

1.6 Can you move the mouse cursor with this?

Yes you can! The cursor-activate button is on the front side of W10 GYRO (between the volume +/- buttons), just hit it once the cursor will be ready to use, and when you flip the remote over to do typing, the cursor will be automatically deactivated until you flip it back to the front side again!

1.7 Is there a button that will act as home button if using this for android? what will the home button do if using on android tv, what about back button?

Hi, like we have stated in the reminder, this remote doesn’t have a Home button for Android OS, as this remote is specifically designed for win 10, thanks.

1.8 Is there a pdf manual for the w10 gyro. i looked on the website but didn't find one?

Yes, you can download it here.

1.9 How to change the power button response in Win10

1.) Go to Power Options
2.) Go into Additional power settings
3.) Select "Choose what the power buttons do"
4.) Configure "When I press the power button"
5.) There are a maximum of 5 options: Do nothing/ Sleep/ Hibernate/ Shut down/ Turn off the display
6.) Choose the one that you want the W10 GYRO's power button to respond to.

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