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1 Pepper Jobs W10 Gyro remote
1.1 More info about Windows keyboard shortcuts can be found at:
1.2 IR learning Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO

Step 1:
Press and hold the "TV" button, RED LED turns from strong to weak to strong again.

Step 2:
Choose and press the button that you want the IR command to be learned,
then the RED LED will start blinking slowly.

Step 3:
Point the remote you want to learn to the IR window of W10 GYRO, within a 3cm range.
Then press and hold the button on your source IR remote to send the IR signal to the W10 GYRO for learning.

Step 4:
If the LED blinks 3 times quickly, it means learning is successfully done.
To learn other keys or if the learning isn't successful, repeat step 2 & 3.
(Note: Blinking slowly is not successful)

Step 5: Press TV key again to exit learning mode after finishing.

P.S. All remotes are being tested in the production facility with an IR testing machine,
so please don't worry about hardware failure, it wouldn't be.

1.3 Can this remote wake a windows PC?

Yes, waking up your Windows PC from sleep state is supported by this remote.

1.4 Does this work with android stream boxes? which keys can be programmed for ir. is there link for the manual download?

Update 20/06/2018: W10 GYRO is specifically designed for Windows 10 OS, thus it works with Android OS but not all the functional keys. For example, Home button, Tasks button, Win button, Window Close button, etc are not going to work with Android system. All keys on the front side, besides the 3 buttons of the top row are programmable. Thanks!

1.5 Which buttons do left and right mouse clicks?

“OK” button at the center of the D-Pad does the left click, the “Menu R” right next to it does the right click.

1.6 Does the power button work for your pc on and off?

It works for sleep and wake, or off, but not on.

1.7 what is the default action for the power button? Turn on/off computer? Or turn on/off the TV?

Default is win10 mode, therefore the power button would shut down or put your PC to sleep/wake it, depending on your OS power button setting. TV mode you may learn the power on/off command of your TV, then it shuts both your TV and PC.

1.8 Can you move the mouse cursor with this?

Yes you can! The cursor-activate button is on the front side of W10 GYRO (between the volume +/- buttons), just hit it once the cursor will be ready to use, and when you flip the remote over to do typing, the cursor will be automatically deactivated until you flip it back to the front side again!

1.9 Is there a button that will act as home button if using this for android? what will the home button do if using on android tv, what about back button?

Hi, like we have stated in the reminder, this remote doesn’t have a Home button for Android OS, as this remote is specifically designed for win 10, thanks.

1.10 Is there a pdf manual for the w10 gyro. i looked on the website but didn't find one?

Yes, you can download it here.

1.11 How to change the power button response in Win10

1.) Go to Power Options
2.) Go into Additional power settings
3.) Select "Choose what the power buttons do"
4.) Configure "When I press the power button"
5.) There are a maximum of 5 options: Do nothing/ Sleep/ Hibernate/ Shut down/ Turn off the display
6.) Choose the one that you want the W10 GYRO's power button to respond to.

2 Pepper Jobs GLK U2CX
2.1 Is there a complete driver package for the GLK-UC2X?

Here is the link to download the complete driver package for GLK-UC2X, excluding the Intel HD graphics driver, Wi-Fi/BT drivers:

1. Intel Chipset driver
2. Intel Serial IO driver
3. Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework driver
4. Intel TXE firmware
5. Intel HID event filter driver
6. Realtek PCI to SD driver
7. Realtek TF card reader driver
8. Realtek audio driver
9. Analogix USB-C (firmware upgrade path) driver

For Intel graphics & Wi-Fi/BT drivers, you can always get a newer one via the Intel driver update assistant software,
or by visiting Intel's download & support page:

Intel UHD 600 graphics:

Intel AC3165 adapter:

Thanks with regards,
Team Pepper Jobs.
2.2 How to change UEFI shell to Windows Boot manager in the GLK-UC2X

During Windows recovery or Windows update, sometimes the boot priority will be overridden by UEFI Shell,
you can manually set it back to Windows Boot Manager following the below instructions:


1.) How to enter into BIOS settings?

Press "Delete" or "Esc" during boot to enter BIOS.

2.) How to set the boot priority from UEFI shell to Windows Boot Manager?

i.) Go to the "Boot" tab

ii). Change the boot priority to “Windows Boot Manager” as #1

iii. Save and Exit (or hit F10 and confirm)

2.3 Latest BIOS for GLK-UC2X

Dear all GLK-UC2X users,

Here is the link to the latest BIOS software:
.ZIP: (5.58MB)

WARNING: Carefully read the below update instructions before running this update.


1.) Disabled the ANX Type C update channel device so there will be no missing driver after re-installation of Windows (this can be manually enabled inside of BIOS when FW update for this type C port is needed, which rarely happens). Also, it reduces CPU loadings.
2.) Latest Intel GOP codes.
(not compatible with the legacy Intel graphics driver, need to update driver before running this BIOS upgrade)
3.) Disabled EuP by default (not to affect USB kb/mouse wakeup from sleep).
4.) Disabled UEFI Shell Control by default.

Update procedures:

Uninstalling Intel graphics device & driver, then installing the latest DCH driver (2019):
1.) Before upgrading to this BIOS, please make sure your graphics driver is up-to-date.
2.) If your graphics driver is not dated year 2019, please update the Intel graphics driver first.
3.) Manually uninstall the Intel graphics device and driver before updating to Intel DCH driver.
4.) Restart your PC after uninstalling, then install the latest DCH graphics driver.
Downloading and running the BIOS update .exe:
5.) Download this BIOS package and extract it to your Windows desktop;
6.) Run the .exe package with administrative rights
7.) Sit back and relax and wait for it to complete
(keyboard and mouse cannot move during the update)
8.) The system is going to reboot itself after completion

Extended reading about Windows DCH driver:

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions about how to perform these updates, thanks!

Best Regards,
Team Pepper Jobs.

2.4 Is there a Quick Setup guide for the GLK-UC2X?

Yes there is. You can download it here by clicking on the icon.

Quick Setup guide GLK-UC2X

"shut down your device and remove the power adapter from the device before performing the SSD/memory upgrade"

2.5 Best way to get access to a remotely placed GLK-UC2X

I connect to my GLK-UC2X by remote desktop functionality within windows 10 Pro. And yes, if you enable 'Wake on PME' in the system BIOS it is possible to wake the PC with a magic packet. You just need to get a tool to do that i.e. Nirsoft WakeMeOnLan because mstsc.exe cannot perform that action. After the wakeup I use mstsc.exe on my laptop to connect remotely. All functionality is already in Windows, safe the wake-up tool, that's the only one needed to install.

NIR Software WakeMeOnLan v1.83
Copyright (c) 2011 - 2018 Nir Sofer 

2.6 Driver for USB-C port 1 of GLK-UC2X if you have OEM version

Attached is the Windows driver needed for the USB-C port 1 if you install your own Windows 10 copy,

please manually install this driver via Windows device manager panel.

You must be a member of the forum to download.Link to Pepper-forum

2.7 Disk clean-up inside of Windows after force upgrading to version 1809.

We STRONGLY recommend everyone to perform a disk clean-up inside of Windows after force upgrading to version 1809.

So much storage space is occupied and has to be cleaned up! o_O

Disk Clean Up GLK-UC2X

2.8 Disk clean up after updating to Win 10 1809

No matter which mini PC are you using, please do remember to clean up your disk drive after the Windows 10 October update! You may free up more than 35GB of space by doing it!

Disk clean Windows 10

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